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How do I know what the size of the ring rim is?

One of the biggest difficulties in buying rings online is knowing the right size.

If you also have this difficulty, below is a table to help you discover the ideal size for you.

Just follow this step by step and that's it, you're ready to place your order.

To measure the inside of the ring, just place a ring you already have on top of a ruler and compare the measurement with the measurements in the table below.

Ring Size

Internal Measurement in MM Internal measurement in cm
14 17.10mm 1.71 cm
15 17.40mm 1.74 cm
16 17.80mm 1.78 cm
17 18.00mm 1.80 cm
18 18.40mm 1.84 cm
19 18.70mm 1.87 cm
20 19.00mm 1.90 cm
21 19.30mm 1.93 cm
22 19.60mm 1.96 cm
23 20.00mm 2.00 cm
24 20.30mm 2.03 cm
25 20.60mm 2.06 cm

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