About– Liberte Brand


There comes a time in life when it is inevitable not to want to have freedom .

How many times have we canceled our wishes in search of approval ? I realized that my freedom is worth much more than what people think of me.

To be free you need to let go of all the standards that the people around us impose on us. The only thing that must be done is to live.

When I created Cinderela Store back in 2018, obviously I wanted to grow. I just didn't imagine how much, or how big a proportion, my little dream would take.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted to have freedom .
Freedom to be able to work on something that had purpose, freedom to work on something that made a difference in people's lives , freedom to be able to do something that I really believed in, and as a bonus, make it a job.

Cinderella Store is a daughter to me.
Just as motherhood shapes us, breaks us and remakes us, I was remade through Cinderella.

I started, I tripped, I fell, and I got up. I shook off the dust and turned things around , and in addition to lifting myself up, I had the opportunity to lift up other women along with me.

It was through the Cinderella Store that I had the opportunity to be a caterpillar, who worked hard to stay strong during the chrysalis period, in my own cocoon, being sculpted and transformed.

It was through Cinderella that I had the opportunity to free myself to be myself, freedom to dream my own dreams and to live based on what I believe.

Everything that Cinderela Store brought me is my legacy, it is my mission. And my greatest desire is to be able to spread this message to the four winds.

And the time has come for us to flap our little wings… the time has come for us to fly higher.

Starting today, the Cinderela Store has transformed into Liberté.
From French, Freedom. Our new concept, our mission, is to help you be freer every day: free to be, free to dream, free to live.

Now we are @uselibertebrand . We continue with the same focus, the same objective, the same quality, the same service, however, more mature and above all: ready to help you fly with us, higher and higher ! 🦋✨