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How to increase the durability of jewelry

Como cuidar Cuidados Durabilidade Semijoias

Semi-jewelry is an intermediary between jewelry and costume jewelry. When we buy new jewelry, we want it to last like solid gold jewelry. We know that this is not possible, but there are some precautions we can take, so that the semi-jewelry has a long life. And that depends on how we take care of it. Today I brought you 8 tips to help you take good care of your semi-jewelry.

1- Store in an appropriate place

Do not leave your jewelry exposed to the sun for a long time, or in places with high humidity. You know that wall or that window in the house that always shows mold? So, keep your jewelry far away from these places. Choose the driest places to store your pieces. Use a jewelry box, bag or box specifically for jewelry, don't leave the pieces in a pile to avoid scratching.

2- Do not use jewelry in the bath

Remove all jewelry when taking a shower. All the products we use  during the shower, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. contains chemicals. These chemicals gradually damage the plating of the pieces. Pieces with stones are damaged even more quickly, as water and chemicals enter the back of the stone, and we are unable to remove or dry them with a towel. Then, the stone loses its shine and the piece darkens.

3- Do not go into the sea or swimming pool

Remove jewelry when entering the sea or pool. Sea salt and the high concentration of chlorine in swimming pools damage the semi-jewelry bath.

4- Cosmetics

After applying cosmetics, wait for the skin to absorb the products, and only then put on the jewelry. If you need to touch up any product during the day, remove the jewelry, wait for the skin to absorb it again, then put the jewelry back on.

5- House cleaning

As I said before, the semi-jewel plating is damaged in contact with chemicals. Cleaning products contain strong chemical ingredients, so remove bracelets and rings to clean the house. Furthermore, the ring gets scratched when we use it to clean or wash dishes.

6- Cleaning the jewelry

Whenever you remove your jewelry to store, clean it with a soft flannel. This will remove sweat or cosmetic residue that ends up on the pieces.

Another important tip is to wash your jewelry once a month or whenever you feel necessary, with neutral (mild) soap and a soft bristle brush, it has to be soft to avoid scratching the jewelry.

Apply the soap to the jewelry, scrub with a soft brush, rinse under cold running water. Dry with a soft towel and then with a hairdryer on a cold setting, to dry places where the towel cannot reach, such as behind stones and zirconia.

7- Fall

This tip seems obvious, but it's worth remembering. Be careful not to let your jewelry fall to the floor. The fall may break some part of the jewelry, especially if it is a model with larger stones.

8- Gym

Remove jewelry to practice physical exercise. Our sweat contains uric acid, and this acid harms the bathing of the pieces. As we sweat a lot during training, especially in the neck area, necklaces are the first to darken.

At the gym, only small earrings are allowed.

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