Labradorite Lion Bracelet– Liberte Brand
Labradorite Lion Bracelet
Labradorite Lion Bracelet
Labradorite Lion Bracelet
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Labradorite Lion Bracelet

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Name: Labradorite Lion Bracelet

Description: Natural Stone Bracelet and Graphite Lion Pendant

Price: ¥3,700

Weight: 26g

Category: Bracelet

Collection: Men's


· Make sure your accessories are the last to be put on and the first to be removed;

· Store in a dry and soft place, preferably use a jewelry box to keep your accessories;

· Avoid contact of your pieces with water, creams, perfumes, lotions and abrasive surfaces;

· Be careful with perspiration, as the composition of your skin can damage the product bath;

· Remove your accessories before swimming, showering, playing sports or other physical activities.

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